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9 P. R9 I0 m' G/ B由美國矽谷資深記者Tom Foremski所撰寫的這篇blog,透露出美國Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) 和Intel, Texas Instruments, IBM 等大廠的憂喜參半和呼籲行動...  T; S# H" O! E) |2 h4 s

9 ~$ {6 I" v7 XUS chip leadership is in trouble - but business is good
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[quote:79d46a97e2]The SIA and the chipmakers and other groups are lobbying hard in Washington D.C. to make sure that the US funds more basic research, invests in education so it has a highly skilled workforce, and can provide new ways to finance multi-billion dollar fabs.3 y" P: m0 l9 Z. S" [( [) ?: j: Q  K
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"There is no other industry like the chip industry that has created so many jobs, and has contributed so much to the GDP of this country," said Mr Scalise. So far so good, I said. Why should we be so concerned about the future when the US chip industry is doing so well?[/quote:79d46a97e2]
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