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底下是台灣Xilinx代理商安馳科技所舉辦的免費課程, 報名人數夠就隨時會開課, 給大家參考一下, 想上的人找安馳科技報名吧 TEL:2698-2526
' S! N+ [$ o9 {  a; l
/ ~9 b$ K6 q- G3 V7 s" ^, R# y另外, 最後二個課程好像會晚點開的樣子. K5 z, s1 O  K& j9 x
+ P1 Z, S) b) d; G! ~' E- D9 k0 g1 J
ISE(I): ISE design flow
: b* k+ d' p9 b+ MSpeaker: Lilian
# H/ e0 a* G" V0 b5 t* `Contents: ISE design flow, design constrain, schematic design, FSM design and optimization, pin assignment.
$ K5 C! J& `( I+ c  p! ^9 e  `' l+ U
ISE(II): design performance improvement8 N( Q7 d% |1 ~7 `) z
Speaker: Frank
2 Z+ A" k( |/ Y4 rContents: timing constrain and reports, floor plane, FPGA editor, NGC / EDIF project, smart guide…
& m/ Q* ^( G  l/ `
- Q5 h1 K9 M$ C: W: d0 @: jModelSIM:
! J+ O. @+ U1 |  L* l" VSpeaker: Frank) G0 ~# ]. g# Z& P$ m4 X
Contents: RTL code pre-simulation with ModelSIM, Simulation your design with Xilinx libraries.
: H+ C# F( t- @+ Y5 ~, Z+ |$ X4 Z% l( @& g+ t
3 g0 B& b+ h" [7 j' ?Speaker: Jeremy4 r9 O9 q8 X! |/ [, I$ O4 k
Contents: debug your design using ChipScopePro.. Q4 N- u' r* d" ?7 g  Q" M" F4 n
6 N, {$ D: S; F
EDK(I): generate Xilinx MicroBlaze/PicoBlaze using XPS
1 z2 _6 {# q# [+ e9 ]5 V. ]  \Speaker: Jeremy
5 |' A8 T- t: {; T6 Y- FContents: XPS design flow, compile your embedded combine with ISE and XPS, generate your free 8 / 32 bits CPU for your design.
, v/ X$ w- V1 X: N+ l4 Q. ]% ?  w$ h' u5 s
EDK(II): hardware software co-design using XPS4 e$ V1 V* h0 W) _# c7 p
Speaker: Lilian
/ ~8 w5 U- A/ E( r8 J& v0 bContents: Connect your own IP to MicroBlaze OPB / PLB bus, debugging / porting and developing your C code / AP for your embedd
# B( x0 F/ K& H4 b; Ded system.
4 T- T# A7 y: m/ c% O/ U4 ^( [. ~- t; E( i4 T6 h3 r
Memory controller: MIG, MPMC2
0 |" c/ o! G/ d. o- bSpeaker: Lilian
; J8 l, r$ {. R+ L- ~- G0 T+ D  _Contents: Xilinx memory solution, Xilinx free DRAM controller and HOWTO, LAB
, E% I8 H! ]2 t2 j3 n1 r2 [) ^4 n1 k. X9 x. a- S$ p7 q2 J" E; H1 K) b
ISE(III): Advanced ISE UCF script and command line batch file coding% O7 ?. G) S* b1 l0 J; S& S2 R
Speaker: Frank
8 K9 c: L6 l- O6 HContents: script instructions and how to build a professional project
  q- y1 v7 r4 j2 E+ j4 N+ B+ a$ [/ O% F8 P( [9 l( E
High speed IO: RocketIO and LVDS high speed IO applications
5 u& x6 k8 U  O7 {" E' {4 JSpeaker: Jeremy
8 x  j1 t. M" W1 ?- a+ fContents: PCEe, SATA, MGT, LVSD it’s application and HOWTO
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