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[企業求才] 美商散熱零件製造商徵求Engineering Manager(年薪200萬)

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We are a leading manufacturer of thermal control products serving a variety of industries. We offer standard products, develops custom products for our Customers, and manufactures products designed by our Customers. Our products utilize technologies including:
9 b+ Y, O3 \) J9 R0 p9 V/ r    • Two-phase heat transfer devices such as vapor chambers and heat pipes3 _  B" ?: `% @4 H2 g5 {9 W
    • Aluminum and copper heat sink manufactured by' R% y9 ^# w6 p' C- j: E
        ◦ Extrusion3 b1 z* e$ D* k2 r: F  A5 e
        ◦ Machining (traditional cutting and also skiving)
* t7 C" ]" Z5 A6 P& f& z) U) d: E/ q( ~        ◦ Casting8 C8 ]# J. T. ^1 d# C3 K5 C1 {
    • Cold plates/liquid cooling solutions0 F/ m" L" V8 e* H$ B

1 x) m, ?- p$ @, OIn our manufacturing division, we have a high visibility opening for a hands-on Engineering Manager to lead the Manufacturing Engineering Group in Taiwan.
* Z& B. K8 W# W, H4 c8 {The prime responsibilities of this position are:1 c4 a5 e- N) S6 g* J3 Z
    • Direct and control the Manufacturing Engineering Group in Taiwan in accordance with the goals, objectives, and tasks defined by Corporate Engineering.6 b- d, ^( ?& S# G  N
    • Ensure consistent methods and a sound rigorous approach to all tasks.7 Q* P( G0 h' m
    • Mentor the engineering team in Taiwan.
# f6 {' L% N! F+ h& H  A    • Report status to the Parent company (Unites States).
* V  L3 p0 V; T5 D2 N# x$ \    • Establish and maintain a strong presence to ensure that production quality measures are consistent with and enforce engineering product requirements.
, W  C5 t% ~( I1 G# M& {' p# A    • Lead effort to work with suppliers to improve quality and lower costs.
% V& I" B* R; f    • Improve the efficiency of all our asia engineering processes, including
& A& Z* Y7 d' |9 F; s9 n6 P7 _, P( n        ◦ DFM to the parent company in the USA- c7 w* H( K$ d
        ◦ Quotes
6 v) R: d: a* v: d. |2 _; a        ◦ Production processes and documentation0 R$ {' d) y9 N1 v8 m1 k# P

+ k6 t, |# B6 A0 a* mSpecific qualifications
9 A% }) u( ^% m4 ]0 Z; o$ v    • Reasonable proficiency in English is required for this position.
$ m5 ]  r5 Q, ]- w* x' k2 A    • 8+ years of industry experience as a mechanical or manufacturing engineer.
$ M7 j- W* v  i* A& K8 F    • 3+ years of engineering management experience.
, l$ v. }; z- L1 t! [# \1 f    • Experience in low to mid-volume manufacturing.
1 D0 w8 q- ~: X4 s9 R) k4 A) N1 _    • A creative approach to solving manufacturing challenges in a cost-effective way.
" e0 V5 p& O* y: u' }    • BS degree or higher in Manufacturing or Mechanical engineering.
$ ^/ x$ w6 Z* ~& c' k    • 5 years or more direct experience in the development and implementation of efficient, tightly controlled production processes needed in the production of our products:3 k9 _  s* L; ~2 }" U% h$ \+ f' q$ _! }
        ◦ Strong working knowledge in metal fabrication processes4 D* q$ ]6 S" n
            ▪ Working knowledge of manufacturing processes such as machining, forming, diecasting is required.
3 {& S; t  Q" P' ?            ▪ Brazing and soldering process knowledge (including cleaning) is a strong plus.* _, K1 ^3 F9 x
            ▪ Experience with thermal products (heat sinks, heat pipes, and vapor chambers) or vacuum products is a strong plus.
" ~- q% O7 Q; O& b  T5 e7 x" x        ◦ Provide useful manufacturing guidelines to the USA engineering2 I0 K. I- G" d' ]1 p8 D7 a
    • Understanding of ISO-9001 or equivalent quality management system./ j" T1 ~' t' b. P) s. P% C  w
        ◦ Will work with Our's Asia’s QA manager to work with 3rd party suppliers to achieve quality products.
2 k, C5 x" A4 `) ?6 W    • Understanding of Statistical Process Control methods and production testing is a plus.
2 ~, c8 J5 \6 A3 U. Y    • A data-based approach to troubleshooting, problem-solving, and continuous improvement.3 c+ T% A0 v5 y  |

  f0 G$ u9 v5 U7 ^What you will do in this role
# |9 e1 C2 S; n+ `9 j+ }- a3 c    • Act as the representative of the Engineering to plan, implement, and direct activities in Taiwan that support the objectives defined by the Corporate Director of Engineering.
6 y  d7 V: S/ Z6 S* ]0 f- w8 T4 ?    • Lead the effort to continually improve our's supply chain.# [1 t& |8 B# _; A9 @4 @
    • Use your directly applicable experience to guide the development of cost-effective and reliable manufacturing processes for Our products.
; i1 J+ y3 N" W: e, i9 e9 P  n' d    • Create an engineering environment that relies on the repeatable application of process – not tribal knowledge or seat-of-the-pants methodology – to produce the industry’s best and most consistent vapor chambers, heat pipe-based products, heat sinks, cold plates, and closed-loop liquid cooling products.
1 _$ \4 ~& d/ W( T0 }    • Evaluate, justify, and recommend capital equipment necessary for production and test." F+ ?0 S5 P# k: y; \& ~
    • Implement appropriate metrics and Statistical Process Control methods to evaluate and monitor the production line.3 h3 y- F0 Q* x8 h# G$ ~% t
    • Apply both innovation and fundamental engineering principles to constantly improve products and processes.
& J8 n. N2 Y: P' F1 w    • Manage processes by rigorously documenting them in accordance with Company and ISO requirements, and ensuring that they are scrupulously applied in all day-to-day operations./ t, c% Y9 v3 S: b3 X
5 C% l9 H% @) ~  B! o& W) U, R) D
Who will you report to?# \7 V: y# a4 H4 `- ?
0 c1 t9 [( r& d& S
This highly visible position reports to the Director of Engineering in Santa Clara, CA, USA. Where is this position based?7 [& d5 w  M+ e2 \! m1 A- ?
This position is based in Taiwan.
! ^* f1 w8 b! F* F3 P, v$ i( e
! y% i" x6 H1 U0 lOther Requirements
: l; ]3 K! y/ l1 f/ X! @  hWe began in 1974 as a manufacturer of metal components in a variety of industries. We remain a supplier of cast, extruded and machined components, however, our main business is the design and production of industry-leading thermal management solutions. We offer an extensive array of thermal products including a wide variety of heat sink types as well as semi-custom and full-custom heat sinks designed to meet the specific requirements of our Customers.
# Y! d2 u0 g7 [4 \$ {% ?We offer our team members a modern facility and a comfortable work environment along with a competitive set of benefits. We are a global company headquartered in beautiful Santa Clara, CA.
' f4 D% w, L; B# S. A5 p" q7 U0 m9 l% [7 `% Z8 C; F
應徵/人才推薦方式:請註明來源為Chip123! T, F, ]4 T3 f0 P, P9 t
聯繫窗口 翁小姐 886-2-21002625#7560* F; X1 |, I0 F' E" ^
% _' {- e2 D, L0 k  z
7 `& P; C0 V1 i4 k- W1 S
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