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[市場探討] Substance behind the Hype 5G Smartphones Primed and Ready for Fast Rollout

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  • The global 5G transition is poised to take place at a faster pace than any previously wireless generation transition.
  • The industry has been moving in lock-step as a common technology standard drives carrier adoption and capital investment in 5G network technology
  • Parallel to global carrier investment in the 5G transition, governments such as China and the US are increasingly viewing 5G technology as critical to their respective global technological and economic prospects and are incentivized to drive for and claim 5G leadership.
  • Supply chain readiness, especially those of the modem and RF front end, providing momentum for 5G handset designs and availability.
  • Lessons from 4G LTE demonstrate that wireless technology serves as the platform for which new advancements, business models and services will flourish.  5G will be no different as it promises improvements in multiple aspects of network capability.4 L. [9 h6 x; c, R+ A

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